90% of the contacts in my phone are useless.


for our final English project last year we had an essay and it had to be around 800 words and this one guy in our class only had 400 so he copied the words he had and pasted it in white below it

Free! anime writers: "We're going to explore more about Nagisa!"
Free! anime: [gives one episode about him and that's all]


bro you look so cute right now dude. dude you are so fucking adorable 


the only people who call me cute live 7000 miles away


Both characters even share the same seiyuu.


In therapy this morning, my doc and I were talking about coping techniques, since I’ve been having higher levels of anxiety and more PTSD episodes recently.

When I’m in that pre-anxiety stage—you know that part where you can feel the panic rising, but there’s still time…

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hi do you know any good ballads? either vocaloids or utattemitas are okay :))


xtreme yelling

i can ramble on about utattemita ballads for days dont test me

I’m actually not sure of the definition of ballad so here I’ll use the definition of “somewhat soft and gentle-paced song that tells a story of strong emotions”

utaite particularly well-known for ballads:

Rairu | Yuuto | | Seriyu | Inakamono | Swi | Ryo-kun | koma’n | Kushi | F9 | Himawari | nero | Itou Kashitarou | Rui | BuzzPanda | Fagagie

phew they turned out a lot longer than I expected whoa

okay some fave songs off the top of my head (I’m the kinda person who can listen to 12 different utattemita of the same song in a row sorry)

Yukidoke → Ali

Shiwa → Itou Kashitarou | MidoriInu. | Shirokuro

glow (well, all of keeno’s songs) → Yuuto | Ajikko | Rui | Fagagie

Ikanaide → Himawarai | KK | Chomaiyo | Fagagie

Kokoronashi → Ryo-kun | Hanatan | Rairu

Yuudachi no Ribbon → Ali | Ajikko | Ryo-kun

Mata Ashita → F9 | Himawari | ENE

Polaris → Rairu | Soraru

Soitogeta Android he → Himawari

Mahou → Chomaiyo

girlfriend → F9 | Yamaneko Sanae | Chomaiyo | BuzzPanda

Aishiteru → Rairu | Itou Kashitarou

HEAVEN → Rairu | Itou Kashitarou | Kanoko

Sayoko → Yuuto | Itou Kashitarou | MikitoP

Orange (by Tohma) → Chomaiyo | 96Neko | Akatin

orange (by ShounenT) → 96Neko | Ryo-kun

bouquet → Akatin | Guriri | Yuikonnu

rain stops, good-bye → 96Neko | Himawari | nero | Shinshakaijin

Shinpakusuu #0822 → Soraru/Inakamono/Shinshakaijin/A24/Kony | koma’n

from Y to Y → kain | Kuripurin | clear

Pierrot → Senka | luz & Seriyu

kiss → Seriyu

ametrin → Inakamono | Yuuto

Piano Lesson → HImawari & Fagagie

Calc. → Wotamin | BuzzPanda | Riseha | Madoka

Bokura no Let it Be → 4Yen | FaSoLa | TKTR

Nee. → BuzzPanda

Sayonara Midnight → EVO+ | Orimono

Also don’t forget that piano arranges often give exciting songs a more ballad-y feel!

(Yeah I know, the ballad artists don’t match up with the songs I gave very well, oops. Both are accurate, I swear)

Dude anon thanks so much I found like 6 more covers to add to my collection because of this


i love ariana grande